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Digital hub Madeira

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Digital nomad destinations for copywriters.

So once you've set up as a copywriter and have built a customer base, you can work from just about anywhere. Exciting!

Its probably a good idea to build up a solid customer base near where you live initially, before jumping on a flight with your laptop and notebook in tow! However, it is becoming easier for freelancers to work from anywhere with a good internet connection. See below.

Madeira, an idyllic island in Spain has set up as a digital nomad hub. From February 1st until June 30th 2021, nomads are welcome to mingle, network and work in John do passos Cultural centre. It is a Working Space right in the village centre. A stone's throw from restaurants, pubs and coffee shops, it is an inspirational place for copywriters.

Nomads will avail of:

  • Free Internet

  • Desk & Chair

  • Desktop

  • Friendly Local Host

Your Working Space will be located at the John do Passos Cultural Centre. Overheads are ridiculously cheap and you will be provided with a list of places to stay!

A copywriter's dream! Well mine anyway.

The local community will benefit from the custom nomads will bring to the quiet village and it will boost the economy .Check it out here:

Other cities in Europe have followed this model. Visit me again to hear more in the next blog...

Next blog The rise of digital nomad hubs

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