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  • Bronagh Mcinerney

Getting started as a copywriter...

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

More and more of us, are getting jaded with the grind of the 9-5 and have started to look into flexible options of living and earning. The impact of covid 19 has devastated a lot of businesses and led to many of us being out of work or working from home, and looking at ways of making a sustainable income.

Other adventurous beings are looking into ideas of working from anywhere, as the era of the digital nomad dawns.

More about that later...

Back to copywriting! A career as a copywriter can be lucrative and lends itself perfectly to the notion of working from wherever. By definition, a copywriter is a writer of advertising or publicity copy. Although, there are many in-house copywriters in big companies, more and more copywriters are taking the freelancing route. Where to begin? Well, a successful copywriter needs an enthusiasm for writing and hopefully a natural way with words. A respect for deadlines is pretty important too, as in any online profession. Interested? Read should be prepared to research, research and then some. Your google history will be colourful. Next steps are practise, practise practise. There are many online copy-writing courses on offer which can send you in the right direction. (insert links) Excellent 'How to succeed at copy-writing' blogs abound. (insert link) Start learning the craft. Read copy, rewrite copy, look for the good, the bad and the ugly. Look online at the demand for copywriters and skill up. Figure out Seo. Tailor your learning to the type of copywriting you might want to do.

Build a customer base, maybe start with a blog and build up your online presence. Be interesting, entertain and advise people. Start to build a portfolio and website and take advantage of social media. Pretty much free advertising at your fingertips. Tell everyone, start approaching businesses, friends, and family and offer to write short pieces pro-bono (not too many) to get your portfolio started.

Equipment? All you need is a decent PC or laptop and an internet connection. Start up costs are low. What's stopping you?

Coming next... Madeira digital hub start up - a copywriter's haven

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